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"The Genie Pro Guard is a fantastic product. It protects my feet from careless tackles and seems to work well with me on the pitch. I literally cannot tell its on my feet when im playing."

John Galdamez


"...This is my 2nd genie pro and the protection is next to none. I've always been prone to tarsal injuries due to my long feet, but all that changed since I started using genie pro. I would absolutely recommend this product...."



“With Genie Pro, I feel protected and can play at peak level without fear of getting stomped on. There is no downside in performance compared to playing with barefeet or with my usual boots alone. In fact i feel really comfortable handling the ball. I definitely want one when it is available. My feet are precious to me”

Azi Raul - The Inter Allies Premier Division League Player


“Genie Pro is a great design and product. Even though it protects my feet from other boots, i do not feel it on my feet. It seems I was able to handle the ball just as well than even when i used to play with barefeet, but now i have great protection. I definitely would like to have a pair.” 

Daniel Ahiagh - Black Satellites National Team Player


"I'm a high school freshman, just got introduced to soccer, and now it's my favorite sport!!
I was frustrated with kicking at first, until I started using Genie Pro Cleats. Now the ball goes where i send it. The shoes themselves are so comfortable, and the studs give grip without getting caught on grass and tripping me like my previous pair. I'm getting faster, and for sure I can kick ! I love my Genie Pros!


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