Our Story


FINALLY, something refreshing and new in soccer is here today. 


Out of need. It was invented and developed by a physician to help mitigate injury, after himself suffering a foot injury whilst playing soccer.

In life, nothing is static. Ideas are born, when there is a need, and if there is a desire to push the idea out there, u simply do it. This invention is as big as the shin guard, but for feet, and yet all this is accomplished with zero detriment to players performance, but rather improved overall satisfaction.

Nothing was left to chance in the design of this creation.The inventor, being a medical doctor, sport pilot as well as an experimental aircraft builder who played college soccer back in his heydays, well understood that a balance of safety and performance are key in every design, be it with medical equipment, aviation or even in sports. He realized current shoes, including the favorite brands lacked the key safety features he would like to have, prompting his creation. As such he kept experimenting till he found the best design positively impacting safety without negatively impacting performance, while at the same time creating a new cool look!

After 4 years of product development and testing, the final product is now available to players. The result: An uncompromising blend of form, functionality and utility in a visually aesthetically pleasing lightweight package that allows you to perform safely and consistently at your very best without fear of being stepped on.

The beauty of this technology is that its very easy to use. Spend a few minutes to attach it permanently to your shoes. There are literally no negative impacts to the user. In fact, field reports indicate a potential for improved player satisfaction and safety without any loss in performance. Now, you be the judge and try it for yourself.

Just like a shin guard for the shins, Genie Pro Foot Guard is designed specifically to reduce the incidence of damage to your feet. The patented floating guard design easily straps down as per the lacing video shown on the homepage. This ultra light weight guard is designed to float very snugly, by moving forward and backward whilst the player is running without any restriction to any foot movements while running and kicking. The shoe stays flexible and light weight and there is no negative impact on player performance, hence players who have tried it love it.

PREVENTION OF FOOT INJURIES is an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY! In fact, most players seem to love the experience of being able to play with more comfort, persistence and determination without the fear of injury. This is GREAT for the sport, thereby increasing entertainment value!

FIFA LAW 4 states:
Non-dangerous protective equipment, for example headgear, facemasks, knee and arm protectors made of soft, lightweight padded material is permitted as are goalkeepers’ caps and sports spectacles. Our foot guards are safe and compliant with the law and maybe inspected by the referee if he is not aware of its existence. To date, no referee has disallowed this innovative Foot Guard and FIFA has been informed of its existence, and with time, we hope all referees and soccer players will be educated to the benefits of increasing foot safety.

Mission Statement: Promoting and growing a new optional standard for ball players in cleats with our innovative Foot Guard Technology. Just like the shin guard was created to protect players shins, this patented foot guard was created to protect players feet (metatarsals). We hope to eventually acheive full FIFA APPROVAL, even though the rules of the game do allow for this technology to be used in competition, if the referee determines it to be safe. 

We are a the ONLY MANUFACTURER AND SUPPLIER of Genie Pro Foot Guards, a patented technology. We beleive our Guards should come standard, on all soccer shoes to alleviate the initial hardship of attaching the Foot Guard to your specific shoes. However, we will be pursuing all avenues to hopefully acheive that. We are willing to work with any or all soccer shoe manufacturers, as supplier of these Guards that can easily be attached by them in factory, for use by the customer. Till, that becomes a reality, please follow our attachment instructions as shown on our website. It takes a few minutes of your patience and time to improve your odds of having healthy, undamaged feet over the course of a lifetime playing soccer. 

ENDORSED by a leading Orthopedic Surgeon and sports injury expert Dr. O’Grady of the world famous Andrews Institute of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA!

" I recommend Genie Pro Foot Guard Technology to any athlete engaged in a sporting activity that requires cleated sport boots and close proximity play, like soccer, American football, or even rugby and Lacrosse. In my expert opinion, it is an optimally designed, modern protective device for the modern day athlete."


Its available to every soccer player, professional or amateur today. NOT everyone will be sold on it as not everybody likes to try out new technology. Also, since high level professional players are bound by contracts with the big brand names, its not easy to penetrate the professional market. That does not mean we do not have a great product. We stand by our product as it delivers just as its designed to.  We have notified FIFA and the NCAA of its existence and it is fully compliant with existing rules and regulations.

1) protect your metatarsals from other stomping cleats

2) Will work in full cooperation with any soccer player without detriment to performance.

Remember, it only takes one mis-step to get injured during a contact sport. Safety is key priority and professionals as well as amateurs can benefit today! Please note that since we are independent of the big movers in soccer shoes, its easy to consider our development as insignificant. However, our technology is more than significant as it produces no loss in performance but amazing improvement in safety benefit.


Why be a statistic? Take charge of your personal safety! Watch "This Football Team BROKE MY FOOT In This Soccer Match (INJURY)" on YouTube   https://youtu.be/39S5URqae4k

Yes, Serious injuries do occur, especially since the onset of the newest thinnest soccer shoes. The incidence of injury has increased. Every serious soccer player has been seriously tackled and hit on their foot during an intense soccer game. Most limp away in pain. Many end up with contusions and a few sustain more severe injury/ fractures. The inventor found out the hard way, and as a result, Genie Pro was born.

Soccer Shoe Manufacturers are in the business to sell you shoes needed to do the job. They do a great job manufacturing beautiful shoes for you to use. However, we are here to make your experience in those shoes even better,  with our  optional high performance safety foot guard. 

Current shoes including those with lace-less technology, are designed in such a way that they simply do not protect your metatarsals from taking a beating, if accidentally stepped/stomped upon. In lace-less shoes,  the thin, stretchable fabric used on the top middle part is necessary to allow the shoe to stretch open during insertion and removal of a foot into the shoe. In the process, this sexy design leaves you drooling with lust, yet leaves your metatarsals vulnerable to injury while attempting to boost performance.


* Cost Effective and Easy to apply

* Much improved safety. U dont feel compromised when hustling for the ball in those sleek ultralight weight beautiful cleats

* Very smart design

*It really looks fly. Gives the shoe a super cool look to it.

* No sacrifices to performance. Players tend to be more explosive as they feel more protected

* Durable and compliant

* Shock-Absorbent

* Shock-Repellent

*Still accomplishes Lockdown with the benefit of a relative lace-less surface.( Hybrid design)

* Easily adaptable to even lace-less shoes. Contact us for more information

* Could easily become a fashionable optional foot guard surface/ soccer cleat lace cover (in different colors), when it attains wide-spread approval  and popularity amongst motivated players, who are open to look beyond the traditional, and embrace higher safety. This will be a matter of time! We hope to supply soccer shoe manufacturers with these guards so players can receive them on their shoes already attached , and ready to play, play, play.

This professional soccer genie delivers every soccer players wish of 'SAFETY without detriment to PERFORMANCE'!

This Foot Guard Technology is the future made available today. Don't just judge a book by its cover. Try this technology and only then make an informed decision about it. It will absolutely surprise you.





Please understand your Foot Guard does not change how you kick or control a ball. Players who are already well trained and kick out of habit do not need to read any further. If u desire a full understanding of kicking in general, then feel free to read on. Following the tips we provide hold true for playing soccer with or without the foot guards on. 

A classic power shot at goal is a sequence of movement that rotate your lower leg in a motion that eventually hyperextend your ankle causing direct contact between the top of the foot and the ball. In a perfectly executed powershot, the soccer players knee must be pointing towards the target and directly over the ball at the moment of impact with the ball.

We have subdivided the kicking areas on a players foot into zones. These zones always are present with or without Genie Pro. The tips we are advocating hold true even if you don't play in Genie Pros, however these tips simply make players more aware of what they are doing. Please understand no amount of tips will make for an incredible player. Remember: Hard work and practice will trump talent if talent refuses to work hard!

Zone 1 is the main area on the very top middle aspect of the foot or instep over the sport boot  that also correlates to the portion of your foot located over the metatarsals. It is the area above the horizontal lying lace.

Zone 2 is the area closer to the front area of the sport boot where the toes are located. 

Zone 3 is the area on the front sides of the sport boot.

Zone 4  is the area on the inside portion of your soccer cleat/sidewall where most players tend to pass balls from.

By consciously processing the kicking areas into 4 zones and selecting the right option prior to kicking, will help to develop your kicking. Like everything else in life, the key is ‘PRACTICE’ .

Because this same logic of thinking automatically prevails when playing in boots without a Genie Pro attached, this is intuitively an easy transition for players.

Safety benefits are present automatically at all times however a players performance will be user dependent, depending on inherent skill level. 


Now, you too can experience improved all weather kicking comfort during your high power shots. Excellent product design dampens and redistributes the forces transmitted to the foot without dampening the recoil of the ball. This improves all weather player comfort, even during your high power shots.

A SPECIAL NOTICE TO BUYERS! If you try our product and for some reason ‘initially’ feel negatively about the feel for the ball, please, do not be in a hurry to discard it. Give your brain a little bit more time to adapt to the feel, and you will soon be sold on our design.