What are the Benefits to me?

1) Easily and cost-efficiently convert your current laced midline laced shoe to a SAFER and high performance hybrid.

2) You will be demonstrating great leadership. Most people are followers waiting on others to take the lead. You would probably be one of the first on your team to demonstrate your passion for safety and performance. You will be pleasantly surprised how your fellow soccer players will soon realize your positive experience and quickly want to get on board, but only after you test it for them. Don't wait for a big name to pick this up before following suite. This technology is here today.

3) Improved metatarsal safety. Less likely to suffer with pain, contusions to soft tissue and more serious metatarsal bone fractures especially after repeated use and abuse/ direct trauma with studs to feet.

4) Less likely to suffer from anterior ankle impingement syndrome with repeated abuse.

5) Maintains the existing Lock-Down provided by a laced shoe while providing the superior safety of Genie Pro.

6) Improved comfort during kicks and rough tackles leads to a better playing experience, a higher degree of hussle on the field and  overall improved player satisfaction.

7) Great ball control- no need to worry about losing your ball control skills with Genie Pro.

8) Great targeting. No loss of ball control skills with Genie Pro. Using the Genie Pro as a sweet spot during kicking can improve consistency with targeting shots at goal. 

9) No loss of power during power shots. Great quality of interphase reaction during moment of impact. This smart design is built into the safety of the product.

10) Set the new fashion trend in soccer. Yes, we are not a big brand name but we have worked hard to bring you this genie. This genie in a boot grants you your wishes; Safety and Performance all together as an add on package for the future of soccer!


Is Genie Pro Legal?

Yes, Genie Pro is legal!

Genie Pro is a modern metatarsal  guard technology. Like every sport related product, was designed not to interfere negatively with player performance.

According to all current rules, regulations, organizations and leagues (NCAA, IFAB/FIFA, HS FED), Genie Pro is covered under Player's Equipment-RULE 4 and is compliant with the specified safety guidelines as a modern, non-dangerous safety device; FIFA and the NCAA have also been notified of the existence of our Foot Guard Technology.

A referee may choose to examine any equipment used by a player to make a judgment whether said device is dangerous, and therefore legal or illegal. Genie Pro is designed to comply with all established safety guidelines as a soft metatarsal foot guard and is not dangerous; however, as any new technology, it may take time for most referees to become familiar with Genie Pro. Therefore if any questions do arise, simply inform the referee the product is a " Modern Safety Foot Guard to protect against Metatarsal Injury."

To date, in all of our field testing, no referee has questioned the legality or safety of Genie Pro, but rather, have been encouraging of our efforts to bring this to life as a missing link in the soccer protection game. If you have any doubts at all about the legality, we encourage you to opt for our Genie Pro cleats, which are designed and built from our factory with our foot guard technology pre-installed as one unit. 


Will Genie Pro Change The Way I Kick?

No! A player will simply not feel them on their feet; they are ergonomically designed so they do not interfere with your kicking habits and do not change the way you kick a ball. Players quickly adapt to the minor feel adjustment and can play ball like they usually do while enjoying the added safety, protection benefits without any impediment to performance. Professionals who have tried this agree to this unanimously. 


Can Genie Pro Foot Guards be used with my regular cleats?

Genie Pro Foot Guards can be successfully attached to most soccer shoes that have either  a standard mid-line, symmetrical lacing system (i.e. laces down the middle of the shoe) or even to existing soccer shoes with an asymmetrical lace systems using our video installation guides. Use our enclosed instruction sheet and/or on our website under Custom Installation Guide. Once mounted, they stay permanently on. It's a one time installation action. 

For soccer shoes with asymmetrical lace systems or those with a hidden laceless style soccer shoe, the Genie Pro Foot Guard can still be applied using simple easy to use techniques described/ with video links attached. To check these out, go to the menu under Custom Installation Guide.

The user takes full responsibility for correct application of our guards to existing shoes. We do offer our own brand of Genie Pro Cleats that have the guards professionally and correctly mounted as an option. All guards should be tied down firmly with no laxity in the securing lines!


Why use Genie Pro?

* A players most cherished asset, "THEIR FEET", are significantly better protected with Genie Pro and players feel extremely comfortable performing in them. A sudden unexpected misstep is all it takes, leading to a catastrophic metatarsal injury causing pain, disability and even lost wages. Don't be a follower waiting for others before trying them. Be a leader! Be one of the first on your team to sport the latest safety product for ball players. Many players have allegiance to brands. You can still play in your favourite Nike or Adidas cleats, however they must have a symmetrical midline lace system, to work with our foot Guard Technology. If you have about 20minutes of free time, you can easily use our custom installation techniques to apply the Genie Pro Foot Guard to your specific style of  non midline lace style soccer shoes. This will be time well spent and we know you will not regret your effort.

*  PERFORMANCE! It delivers period! This is no scam. The reviews speak for themselves. 5years of product development and testing  has resulted in a  product that delivers safety, performance and comfort that is second to none. We provide a Money Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose.

* There is no down time. Genie Pro® requires minimal effort on the part of the user to adjust to. Just 10-20minutes of your time to figure out the installation onto your current midline- laced style shoe. Just play like you usually do and you will automatically adapt to this product. The player simply does not feel them on their feet and will not have to change how they play ball. 

*The product design offers a sleek and un-obtrusive design. Excellent design allows for the guard to conform to the underlying shoe while maintaining a sleek overall appearance with excellent ball handling characteristics. 

*Great product for coaches to incorporate into any program; By following our recommended 3-Zonal Kicking Techniques and Tips, one could help players kick correctly. Depending on the players inherent skill level and their ability to practice and follow the recommendations provided all level players can benefit from zonal kicking. Professionals can benefit as they can protect their most beloved asset, their feet, while potentially perform with more aggression, knowing their feet are better protected. It's also easier to develop consistency as players begin to enjoy the excellent targeting using Genie Pro Foot Guard as a sweet spot for the ball. 


Why elevate the current standard?

Why Not? Every sport should have SAFETY and PERFORMANCE as the cornerstones of their very existence. Every coach,  professional player and even amateur player craves the very best gear or equipment offered by the industry to help achieve maximum safety, productivity and performance. Genie Pro Cleats and Foot Guard Technology have been manufactured to very high standards and specifications meeting a standard good enough for the professional player. Our product is exactly what soccer organizations need to be promoting to encourage improved safety, less injury, less downtime and more on field player satisfaction for improved growth of the sport.