Medical Research


Regarding lower leg fractures, an epidemiologic study reported foot fractures in 2nd place after ankle fractures.


The incidence in competition or match injuries is on average 4-6 times higher than during training sessions.

Genie Pro could ultimately prolong a players professional career by protecting their most cherished asset-their feet!

60% of soccer players eventually present with anterior ankle impingement syndrome (Footballers Ankle) because of repetitive impact causing microtrauma to the anterior aspect of the ankle and repeated ankle extremes of motion (either up or down). Players develop anterior pain with ankle movement and swelling of the area. Based on the mechanism behind these injuries, Genie Pro® can potentially help mitigate the incidence of this occurrence due to the benefits of this ‘safe design’. By buffering the jarring impacts during power kicks as well as reducing the extremes of motion and improving the biomechanics during power shots, the cumulative damage overtime is significantly less. This could help delay the onset and reduce the incidence of this phenomenon in soccer players and footballers over time.

Direct Contact accounts for half of all injuries in soccer. Over 30% of severe foot and ankle injuries are due to metatarsal injury and fractures. Genie Pro® Foot Guards are your best line of ‘METATARSAL’ defence and your absolute best friend when you need them the most.

INTERESTING FACTS: Wherever sport boots with studs are present, be it in Soccer, American Football, Rugby or even Lacrosse, there is always a risk of getting cleated over the foot area, or an accidental kick into the sole/studs of an opposing player.  David Beckham fractured his foot and was out of the league for 7 weeks, Wayne Rooney was out for 14 weeks, Steven Gerrard out for 10 weeks, Gary Neville was out for 21 weeks, Ashley Cole out 12 weeks, Michael Owens out 17 weeks, John Terry …… the list goes on and on.

These are the simple facts. Genie Pro® Foot Guard Technology cannot prevent fractures caused by excessive rotational forces or overuse injury, but can be instrumental in protecting tissues against a direct crushing blow over the foot .

It is an absolute necessity for any 21st century player seeking a long injury free soccer/football career. Our defence shield is designed so as not to encumber upon the players abilities. They are designed to merge securely and universally onto underlying shoes thereby imparting upon the shoe the benefits of Genie Pro Technology, working in full cohesion with the players needs. Why take a chance and become a statistic. Instead, you can take a chance and improve your safety and performance using the techniques developed by the inventor. Which would you prefer?