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Genie Pro® High Performance Foot Guard

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A pair of High Performance Foot Guards that can be easily attached to your existing sports cleats while providing great lock down. (Your existing cleats MUST have a symmetrical midline lace system).

Attachment Instructions are included in package insert but video instructions  are  available here under 'Lacing.'

Custom Professional Installation Service Available! For information about our custom installation service of our guards onto your personal cleats (including and especially lace-less cleats), please email us with enquiry. 

Manufacturers interested in applying our patented Foot Guard System onto their shoes for distribution and sales, the process is simple. We can supply you the guards and provide an easy schematic of where to ideally apply small anchor holes. If the shoe is a lace-less style design or has the lace system offset to the side, our schematic easily shows exactly where to place anchor holes. Most symmetrical midline lace style shoes need no more additional holes. Every player needs to have an opportunity to be able to use these revolutionary Foot Guard System, and we are willing to supply you with them.

For Customers; Please Note!

  • The foot guard is sold in pairs. So each box has 2 in it. 
  • Quantity: 1 box contains a pair (2 foot guards).

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