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Genie Pro© Cleats: The uppers are made from trusted and durable high quality polyurethane which provides cocoon like comfort and safety that are hard to beat. The outsole is from flexible TPU with molded optimally designed and placed studs, allowing for enhanced traction and grip without limiting agility while enhancing the ability to rapidly change directions and accelerate or decelerate rapidly and effortlessly. The thinner upper layer where a players foot is most vulnerable to injury is protected by the  floating guard that provides amazing buffering, safety, protection and control. The cleats also feature a nice stretchy tongue with ankle high supports and with built-in signature unique crisscross straps that enhance ankle protection/ protecting against anterior ankle impingement syndrome,  as well as simplify the ease of putting on  and taking off these ankle high cleats. There are simply no other lightweight cleats on the market that offer this amount of safety, protection and performance.


WHY BUY GENIE PRO CLEATS and not just the Guards ?

By choosing to get our Classic limited sports cleats, you get a GREAT DEAL because you get the Genie Pro Guard Technology already attached to our comfortable Genie Pro Cleats. You can always choose to remove the Guards and re-attach to your own favorite midline-laced soccer shoe according to our attachment instructions!  These cleats will remain iconic as they will always be remembered for ushering in Genie Pro Technology.Get your Genie Pro cleats today, at a GREAT PRICE, before we run out. Our Cleats are designed to introduce Genie Pro Foot Guards to the market. Once we run out of stock, we will no longer be making these cleats, but will continue to manufacture and distribute Genie Pro Foot Guards for installation onto your own cleats. 

Looks can be deceiving. Try out our High Performance Genie Pro Cleats.

Do not underestimate these powerful cleats priced very affordably to allow everyone access to the best technology at the very best price. Historically, natural development of soccer shoes have lead to shoes that are not protective enough, shedding protection for lightweight performance. With Genie Pro© Cleats, you get both high level performance and safety WITHOUT any significant weight gain. Our cleats are designed to be lightweight even with an additional 0.014pounds (6.3grams) per shoe with our Foot Guard Technology included. Players get the absolute best in safety and performance that is unrivaled in the industry!

See Sizing Chart Below For Accurate Fitting:

Currently we have US Men's sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, and US Women's sizes 7 to 12 only. Cleats are only available in Silver color at this time, and future production will be based on demand. 

Measuring Shoe Size: As sizes vary between brands, we recommend measuring your foot length for accurate sizing. The length should be found in millimeters (mm). This can be done by 1) placing your foot on a sheet of paper and 2) marking the furthest tip of your toe and 3) marking the furthest point behind your heel. Finally, measure the distance of the two points in millimeters using a ruler (1cm = 10 mm) and add 27mm to your foot length; this will give you the outsole length corresponding to the chart below. Not all feet grow to exactly the same length, so please measure both feet and select the size that corresponds to the longer foot!


Warranty Information:  If you are not completely satisfied with your Genie Pro® (Cleats or Foot Guard), please return it in the original package within 90 days of purchase for a complete refund of the product cost.

Special Deals: All special orders, wholesale orders, or requests in the USA should be routed to our email under the title ACQUISITIONS. Wholesale orders can be drop shipped at your doorstep from our factory. Countries other than USA, please contact your local dealer.

Why Choose Genie Pro® Foot Guard Technology

Wherever sport boots with studs are present, be it in Soccer, American Football, Rugby or even Lacrosse, there is always a risk of getting cleated over the foot area, or an accidental kick into the sole/studs of an opposing player.  David Beckham fractured his foot and was out of the league for 7 weeks, Wayne Rooney was out for 14 weeks, Steven Gerrard out for 10 weeks, Gary Neville was out for 21 weeks, Ashley Cole out 12 weeks, Michael Owens out 17 weeks, John Terry …… the list goes on and on.

Also, 60% of soccer players eventually present with anterior ankle impingement syndrome (Footballers Ankle) because of repetitive impact causing microtrauma to the anterior aspect of the ankle and repeated ankle extremes of motion (either up or down). Players develop anterior pain with ankle movement and swelling of the area.

Based on the mechanism behind these injuries, Genie Pro® can potentially help mitigate the incidence of this occurrence due to the benefits of this ‘safe design’. By buffering the jarring impacts during power kicks as well as reducing the extremes of motion and improving the biomechanics during power shots, the cumulative damage overtime is significantly less. This could help delay the onset and reduce the incidence of this phenomenon in soccer players and footballers over time.

It is an absolute necessity for any 21st century player seeking a long injury free soccer/football career. Our defence shield is designed so as not to encumber upon the players abilities but rather working in full cohesion with the players needs. Why take a chance and become a statistic. Instead, you can take a chance and improve your safety and performance using the techniques developed by the inventor.


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