Installation Videos! PLS NOTE! Optimal distance between front end of guard to the front of shoe should be anywhere between 5 to 7cm.



To INSTALL ONTO SOCCER CLEATS WITH ANY NON MIDLINE LACING SYSTEM: Genie Pro Foot Guards can also be attached to Non- midline Lacing style soccer shoes. Under this category would be shoes like the Nike Phantom Visions with a hidden style Laceless technogy or shoes like the Adidas Predators with a lace system that is offset to one side. 

We provide EASY TO DO at home step by step instructions of how to create customized attachment orifices for attaching your guard.

STEP 1: place your foot in the soccer shoe.

STEP 2: Now, place the Foot Guard in an optimal position over  the shoe. The front end of the guard should be between 5- 7 cm from the front end of shoe.

STEP 3: With the Foot Guard in the optimal position, using the holes in the guard as a guide, insert any object through the holes that can help leave a small mark on the top surface of the soccer shoe (as shown in videos below).

STEP 4: Now, remove the guard, then use simple tools as shown in the video or a solder iron or a punch hole tool to create small holes on shoe surface over marked attachment spots. The hot tool  is our favorite method since it easily creates clean perforations in the shoe's uppers with minimal expense.

STEP 5: Now, lace on the Guard as recommended according to our lacing video shown above.

 Videos for customizing your shoe can be accessed at links below.

1) To install onto Lace-less Style soccer shoe:


2) To install onto soccer shoes with lace system offset to one side using custom made orifices on top surface of shoes:


3) To install onto soccer shoes with lace system offset to one side without making custom orifices but using some super glue:


NB! Once user ascertains they do like the presence of this defensive technology on the top surface of their soccer cleats, they can proceed with applying a small amount of superglue to the area between the shoe and the guard in the 'middle section', for a more definitive and permanent attachment. This way, the existing lace can even be changed out to another color or type if necessary.

User accepts all risk related to the home installation of the Genie Pro Guards! Soccer Genie Pro Technology LLC will not be liable for any damage to your shoe's related to installation of the Guard on your shoe.  We however assure you if performed as shown, you will be pleased with your decision. In the very rare event you decide to take off the guard thereafter, the small perforations left on the uppers will hardly be noticeable and could be considered ventilation perforations without any significant loss of visual appeal.

Soccer Shoe Manufacturers:  Interested in applying our patented Foot Guard System onto your shoes for distribution and sales?

The process is simple and we are open to working with any willing parties. We can be your  manufacturer/supplier and supply you with  guards( at a great price, depending on quantity ordered). If the shoe is a lace-less style design or has the lace system offset to the side, our schematic easily shows exactly where to place anchor holes. Most symmetrical midline lace style shoes need no more additional holes. We developed this easy to attach system and hope soccer shoe manufacturers join us in implementing  and offering players these guards. We can sell at significantly reduced prices to shoe manufacturers since shipping large quantities without prepackaging 2units into 1box will save us on time, labor and ultimately money. Manufacturers can then add on a fee at the backend of our transaction, recouping their cost , after using our simple assembly instructions. For customers, this would be an invaluable service, to give them easy access to a technology that they can benefit from. Till that happens, customers can simply buy directly from us and will have to attach the units themselves.